PS3 SLIM Power Supply Replacement FULL HD

PS3 SLIM Power Supply Replacement FULL HD

How to replace PS3 (SLIM) Power Supply Unit Tutorial contains full information on how to carry out Power Supply replacement on PS3 (SLIM) Console. If your PS…


  1. castro bevans says:

    i change my psu and still turns off my psu model is EDAP-18AB

  2. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    No. You are fine. You can use APS-270

  3. traywestt says:

    I have aps-270 does it need to be the same

  4. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    Yes. You can order from our website. we have Genuine PSU in stock.

  5. traywestt says:

    1 more question… should i get a new psu

  6. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    Yes and No.
    If the underlying issue is BGA Chipsets then you have to perform Reflow/Reball procedures.

  7. traywestt says:

    Does this works for a ps3 that doesnt show the red light/no power

  8. GameConsoleRepairs says:


    I read it wrong.
    @EnricoZulu is correct. Use Torx T8 screw-driver.

  9. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    @Jalen Faison
    Try Philips # 1. If the screw is stuffed up you have to keep going up like try Philips # 2 and then Philips # 3.
    if still no go. you have to try and remove it with a ranch tool.

  10. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    You have to do a full service clean and pretty much remove any obstruction.

  11. ThatKidGrimeY1z says:

    Excuse me my ps3 slim 160 gb isn’t ventilating properly and causing my ps3 to not act as it should plz message me if ou know what the problem is

  12. EnricoZulu says:


  13. Jalen Faison says:

    Hey what did you use to remove the 4 black screws in the ps3.

  14. Akshay Gujjar says:

    Hey bro, last Sunday, there was a high voltage current in the house, and as a result, the PS3 got fried. I don’t know if it’s the fuse or the PSU. It’s an APS-270 btw. I have ordered a new PSU for 20 bucks, but now I’m scared… Is it just the PSU or is it possible that other components of the PS3 got fried too? Please reply!

  15. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    @Jake Haynie
    for 300xx series you need APS-306 Power Supply Unit (PSU)

  16. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    @Jake Haynie
    We honestly dont bother fixing the Power Supply Units. You can purchase one and simply carry out replacement.

  17. Jake Haynie says:

    it is a cech-3001a

  18. Jake Haynie says:

    been trying to figure out what is wrong with this ps3, i have a multimeter and i tested the power supply and i got 5.5 0 0 5.5 since the two in the middle are ground and standby mode, i took it apart because the red light wont come on at all it was working the night before. I tried to turn it on when i notice no red light at all and i had not removed it from the wall socket. I have tried different sockets and cords but still nothing, any ideas?

  19. GameConsoleRepairs says:

    @tevin bryant
    Grab a new KES-450A lens and install it.

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